The Colony: The Lore


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Nov 15, 2008
'The Colony'. No one quite remembers the when, why or who it still exists to this day beyond providing entertainment for the galaxy. And the 'participants' therein. Beings of nearly all walks of sapient life amass there for one reason or another; inhibitions come undone, need for fame, escape from the old, search for something new... Or even being dumped there as an undesireable or criminal element in need of being disposed of 'humanely'. It matters not how one ends up in The Colony, only that they are not expected to ever leave it. Beings check in, and they don't check out.

One might think the pressence of unsavory folks would pose a danger to the more amiable people that have come to call The Colony their home. But that is not so for one simple reason: Symbiotes. An alien lifeform, by some called a parasite, inhibitor collar or even brainslug. It is attached to the participants neck most commonly, or some other out of place spot if the would-be-wearer lacks that kind of anatomy. In the case of near-liquid participants it merely melds into their being or latches onto their 'core'. Regardless of where or how it grafts with its bearer, the effects are the same; the being becomes incapable of acts of violence unto other sentient life. The Symbiote have other functions, but that is information for another time.

So what are the 'participants' of The Colony capable, even expected and encouraged, of doing? Why, having a lot of sex of course! The Colony is the #1 source of entertainment in the entire galaxy after all, providing a never-ending show across multiple channels from varying viewpoints! There are even specific channels for each individual participant, incase a viewer have a particular favorite to fawn over and watch every hour of the day, every day of the week, and so on. But it is not all ONLY for fun of course. Participants earn points, or 'Screds' as some have come to call them, that is digitally sent to a personal account that they may spend in the HoloShop to purchase items whenever they have a spare moment. Most, if not all, of the goods are concerning the matter of having sex of course.

But plain sex would get boring in the long run, would it not? That is why The Colony have another aspect to it; as a new participant enters and their Symbiote is grafted on they find themselves with a new kind of power. The power to weave their imagination and desires into unquestionably perverted powers. Some find themselves capable of releasing aphrodisiac pheromones, or able to inflame passion and lust into others, among many other things. It also comes with an 'Element', be it Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, or even Normal. The Elements of the participants have a big effect on how their powers are shaped, and what participants they are more or less likely to 'defeat' in sexual battle.

And so, The Colony once more opens its gates for a new round of contestants to enter the fray...
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