Thandi (Alkalannar)


Nov 10, 2008
Name: Thandi

Class: Warrior

Race: Mathoisan

Starting Stats:

Strength: 40
Dexterity: 40
Vitality: 50
Energy: 10
Intelligence: 10

Starting Accuracy: 170
Starting Magical Accuracy: 50
Starting Evasion: 140
Freedom Rating: 170
Sexual Freedom Rating: 200
Magical Defense: 50
Speed Rating: 140

Starting HP: 200
Starting Mana: 20
Starting Sexual Stamina: 210/210

Special Skills:

Cleave Chain: This series of attacks hits for 75 Damage, up to 3 times for a maximum of 225 Total Damage. Each hit MUST connect to continue the chain. Melee skill.

Ferocious Strike Chain: This series of attacks hits for 70 damage, up to 4 times for a maximum of 280 Total Damage. Each hit MUST connect to continue the chain. Melee skill.

Shattering Wave Chain: This series of attacks hits for 55 damage, up to 3 times for a maximum of 165 Total Damage, and hits ALL enemies in the field of play. Each hit MUST connect to continue the chain. Mana Cost: 5. Melee skill.

Weakening Blow: This attack hits for 600 shadow damage AND causes the target to take double damage from ALL attacks it isn't immune to for 3 turns. This can't be stacked with the Necromancer ability Amplify. Melee skill despite it's damage type. This won't cause Shadow Damage dealing skills to do more damage.

Shove: This skill knocks your opponent down, dealing 25 damage. Once they are down, there is a follow-up to this called Crippling Cut that will attempt to execute automatically. If this hits, you deal 225 damage. Mana Cost: 5 Melee skills.

Class Specific Skills:

Enmity Boost - This passive skill causes all enemies to initially target ONLY the warrior until such time she has been grappled, or is actively being raped. This skill becomes useless however when your companion reaches KL 4 or higher, or when an enemy that has a specific favorite target class to attack is present. The latter applying to just the one enemy, with the former being in general.

Sexual Rush - A Warrior can allow herself to get raped in order to 'absorb' sexual energy from the 'passion of the moment.' This power will continue to build as she's raped, and for every 10 points of sexual pleasure she takes, she'll add +1 damage. This skill does a baseline damage of 300. Upon her orgasm, the Warrior will release all of her pent up sexual energy in an all encompassing ball of fury, lashing out with shadow damage. This damage can't be reduced in any way, and it can't be 'blocked' or 'resisted', and hits all enemies on the field of play regardless of if they are raping a
companion or not. This skill can only be activated once per enemy per encounter. Certain special abilities can negate this.

Class Specific Perks: +10 to all rolls and -10 pleasure vs. anything that has tentacles/vines. Plants, Sylvari, Nelvoken and all tentacled creatures Male or Female count).

Class Specific Weaknesses: Suffers double orgasms when hit with an attack that causes an instant orgasm, meaning she takes twice the KP on these attacks than is normal.

Orientation: TANK Class

Thandi awoke to the sensation of falling. Barely catching herself, she noticed a greatsword on a table, along with a note.

Dear Thandi. How lovely you are, and how I long to hear, and see you arch your back as a wild orgasm claims you. Well, I must welcome you to the Planet of Pleasure, where dreams come true, if you have sexual dreams. You have been brought here to play in a little game of mine. The objective is to survive and meet me, and play with me for your right to go home. However, along the way you'll have plenty of chances to have a little fun and have sex with my friends. I'll be watching of course, waiting for you to arrive so we can have tons of fun. I hope that tight little body of yours can handle what is to come, and I do hope you enjoy lots of sex, because that's what you'll be getting today. Enjoy yourself out there, and save some of your body for me. Once the door opens, the game begins, and don't think you can hide forever. Eventually, we'll find you and come get you.

About then the door in the corner of the room literally fell off it's hinges, and she could heard the sound of an ocean coming from up the stairwell leading out.


1: Move On.

2: Stay and test if something really will come to get you.


Mystic Girl
Nov 28, 2011
Re: Thandi (Alkalannar)

[1. Move on!]

Thandi groaned and slowly stood, wobbling on her feet. Taking a deep breath, she brushed her dark red hair out from her golden eyes and looked around. "Wha....what happened?" Seeing the note, her eyes narrowed. "Taken? 'Planet of Pleasure'?" She shakes her head, and then, seeing the sword, she take and hefts it, a glint in her eyes.

"Oh, we'll meet, and when we're done, you'll beg to do anything I want for me...."

And with that vow, the giant woman started to stride up the stairs towards the sound of the ocean. Nothing would stop her.


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Thandi (Alkalannar)

Heading out, Thandi got her second surprise in as many minutes.

The sky was a deep maroon color, and the ocean below her was ... orange? The water was Orange! The grass around her was blood red, as if someone had spilled so much blood that it had permanently stained the land. This was certainly not home, and for a moment she might wonder how she'd gotten here. There were five moons visible in the sky, each one a silvery color and full. This despite the fact it was broad daylight! The biggest shocker though was when the black haired woman appeared.

Stunningly beautiful for any species, the woman, who seemed almost phantasmal, regarded her for a moment, a look of sadness in her eyes before she finally spoke. As she did, Thandi got the distinct impression that she wasn't happy to be doing this, perhaps she was being forced?

"Hello, my name is Cassidy. My duty is to guide you the best that I can through this place, in the hopes you can survive. The creatures you will undoubtedly encounter are lustful beasts who will stop at nothing to sexually corrupt you. Don't let that happen. I'm limited in how I can help you, but I will do my best. As you progress through this place, I will appear to you, guiding you as best as I can. When the time is right, I will see you again. Farewell for now, and good luck."

After a moment, she simply was gone, as if she had never even been there to begin with!


1: Move On.

2: Wait a moment and process all this.