Apr 3, 2018


RPGMT Translation (game ver4.09, translator ver0.7.7, patch 2019/09/01): [latest, day one patch, may have some issues]

RPGMT Translation (game ver3.05, translator ver0.4.6, patch 2018/08/08): [old, no issue]

Gaijinizer Translation (translator ver0.7.6, Gaijinizer ver0.3.2 patch 2019/06/01): [alternative if RPG Trans doesn't work]

I'm not distributing the game, only a patch. You'll need a copy of the game if you want to play.

To apply this patch you need:

> RPG Maker XP / VX / VX Ace Decrypter by Falo (or any other RPG Maker unpacker)
>'RPGMaker Trans' 4.5: http://rpgmakertrans.bitbucket.io/
> an untranslated version of the game (SHRIFT)

How to apply this patch (how to apply a RPGMAKERTrans patch):

Decrypt RPG Maker data and delete the Game RGSS Encrypted Archive (*)
>Skip to 'Run RPGMakerTrans.exe' if you've already deleted the Game RGSS Encrypted Archive and want to apply a new patch
>Run RPG Maker XP / VX / VX Ace Decrypter by Falo
>Go to File/Open File
>Select the Game RGSS Encrypted Archive (Game.rgss3a) that is in the same folder as game.exe (don't mistake it for System\RGSS301.dll).
>Go to Tools/Extract Selected
This will create an 'Extract' folder with all the decrypted files in your game folder
>Merge the contents of the Extract folder with your Game Folder (you don't need to overwrite them)
>Delete or Rename (ex:Game_copy.rgss3a) the Game RGSS Encrypted Archive you selected previously
The game plays the same, its data is just no longer encrypted. These steps delete any duplicate in the RGSS Encrypted Archive and the non encrypted files which may cause RPG Trans to never finish

>Run RPGMakerTrans.exe
>Select Game.exe from the Game folder as the 'Game Location'
>Select RPGMKTRANSPATCH from the patch folder as 'Patch Location'
The patch info should appear on the right.
>You can click 'Go!'

The patching will take a few minutes. The Error log will display all the translation that could not be used (it will at worse leave some text in Japanese). You may get a lot of these errors if you patch a previous version of the game.
If you get stuck of if something obviously goes wrong then you should read carefully from the beginning.

You now have a copy of the game folder with your saves under [your game folder name]_translated.
>Run [your game folder name]_translated/Game.exe

-CHECK or DELETE the pictures in the 'assets' folder most are unusable,
due to to the experimental nature of the picture translation.

-(*) If you run unto a problem with RPGMaker Trans stuck for minutes/definitively,
you might have to decrypt the game and delete the encrypted data.
You can find help on the forum but sharing a hacked game is illegal.
Hacking yourself is perfectly legal but uploading/distributing a file (hacked/modified)
that can be used as a substitute for game itself, and thus lower the original game sales, is not.
While you may not be fined, your file will most likely be--rightfully--claimed.
Please be responsible and don't make trouble for the creator of the game.

The game is 100% translated. You can paste the DLC before or after patching the game.
Manual translations:
afrg partial + proofread
Dargoth partial + proofread
con40 partial (updated)
Aesthetic partial (new)
The manual translations might not be up to date (Github).

Machine translation:
The machine translation still has issues handling broken sentences like the one said by Empuse or from the Sphinx Quiz or the first monster in chapter 4 (I'm not hinting that it would be nice if a kind soul took some time to fix it).
There should be no more parsing errors.

Same as before.
Most of text on pictures is properly transcribed. All the text is machine translated the same way as any other text. The translation are added using a semi-transparent banner. No picture photoshoped yet as the text isn't even manually translated.

What I've broken (and is better in the old patch):

If you load a save file, the default main character name will be auto-translated (to Kazuya). You can also rename the main character by writing this at the end of the Game.ini file (just replace "Villager" by a name of your choosing) :
Translation was made using a custom RPG Maker auto-translator. Excluding the manual translated parts, sentences are translated using a combination of a custom dictionary, custom sentence models and Google machine translation service. Pictures are also automatically translated (mainly OCR+machine translation+text over picture).
The translation is a byproduct of the development of the auto-translator and is not edited. You shouldn't bother with it if you actually understand Japanese but you should find it better than using a text hooker.

You'll need RPGMakerTrans4.5 to apply the patch. It should be compatible with all the versions of the game. The patch will generate a copy of the game with your saves (all the explications are in the READ ME file).
You can find RPGMakerTrans4.5 here: http://rpgmakertrans.bitbucket.io/index.html
If you have any more question open READ ME.txt

If RPGMakerTrans4.5 really doesn't work on your computer, you can use the Gaijinizer patch. The patch is still experimental but should (mostly) work.

The patches include a few bonuses (scripts).
Press F6 to switch window size
Press F5 to switch to full screen
Skips messages, shortens waits, speeds up routes,...

Skip with Ctrl
Enables in-game with Ctrl+Shift

Change the script parameters in the Game .ini file:
fs_enable=X (X=1 enabled)
fs_speed=X (X=1..8, recommended:4)
Updates game variables stored in save files for translation purpose.

If needed, it can execute ruby code stored in a text file (You can find next to the game exe, you'll need to enter a password).

Change the script parameters in the Game .ini file:
>Use the Password option to select how you want the script to work
X=0, don't use script, not even the default method;
X=1,[default, recommended] only use the script's default method;
X=????, use a custom script stored in txt file if you know what you are doing, ???? is a password you'll find on the forum
>Use the Disable option to prevent ruby code execution from txt file
X=0,[default, recommended] not disabled
X=1, permanently disabled, if you don't want to be tempted to cheat or really don't like the idea of executing a script from a txt file
Fools the game into using RPG Maker English settings.

What it is:
-a fast translation (objective: day 1 translation for part 4 release)
-a working translation (text fits in window, key information gets a better translation if possible.)
-a 100% translation (no text is left untranslated)
-an editable file (key information only has one translation so the text is understandable and can be edited by a human)
-a proof of concept that machine can translate a game, can fill in the blanks of a manual translation, and can proofread it.
-an experiment (quality sometimes goes down from one patch to another)

What it is not:
-a work of literature (generated sentences are not grammatically correct, inaccuracies and weeb terms are tolerated)
-raw translation from Google (not all machine translations are alike and if you want to prove me wrong, do copy paste the files and see the horrible mess raw Google translation is)

I'm not editing the files not because I'm lazy but because that would prevent me from improving the auto-translator.
Editing is easy anyway--albeit very slow. You can do it if you have time and enough dedication to not give up midway.

The auto-translator can handle multiple human partial translations (it already does with Dargoth's, afrg's, and con40's).
If you feel like helping with the translation, please do--even if you're just editing the machine translation for one map.

Please translate directly on the latest patch (game_patch/patch/___.txt)
Feel free to translate any text commented with #MTLed (Machine TransLated)
Change #MTLed with #your_name, you can add a comment #your_name : your comment
You can also change already translated text by replacing #his_name with #your_name
The previous translation is not lost and if you are a better translator I'll make sure that your translation appears instead of the previous one.
Be careful with names and sentence length, use this as reference.

I can help to proofread your translations for:
-name inconsistency
-text spilling outside the window

Post your files on this thread.

You can also go to:

Hi there,
A while ago I decided to build my own RPG Maker auto-translator. SHRIFT will have an English translation from its maker (at least he promised one) but I don't want to wait for him.
As I was writing the code for my translator, I tested it on SHRIFT and this translation is what came out of it (the patch on mega is fresh out of the oven :) ).

You'll need RPGMakerTrans4.5 to apply the patch. It should be compatible with all the versions of the game. The patch will generate a copy of the game with your saves (all the explications are in the READ ME file).
You can find RPGMakerTrans4.5 here: http://rpgmakertrans.bitbucket.io/index.html

Also I'm warning you: both the translator and the translation are work in progress.
I know more about code that I know about moon runes so I won't bother manually fixing what comes out of the translator but I will bother making the translator give better results.
You can fix some stuff yourself in the patch file if they really bother you.

The idea is to have an almost 100% translation that will progressively increase in quality. (Not exactly 100% as RPGMakerTrans4.5 filters some text, but close enough to let the text hookers off this game)

Also to give credit where credit is due, this translation is merged with Dargoth's partial translation for ver1.0. *and afrg's

Everyone's favorite waifu finally speaks engrish ;)
In early version, she used to talk ATLAS speech... just imagine that.

For those that want to bother understanding how this works:
RPGMakerTrans4.5 generates the txt files in a folder
1-The translator reads the files in that folder
2-It extract the Japanese text and the corresponding "Context"
3-It decides whether to translate or not if untranslated or already translated (merged from a manual translation ex:.Dargoth's)
4-It splits the Japanese text according to some patterns, pretranslates from an existing dictionary, and sends to google trad
5-It puts translations back according to patterns and edit common translation issues
6-It rewrites the files lines

It can also:
A-Extract names, Japanese SFX, and seemingly important words from the games to allow a more efficient translation
B-Prioritize the translation and proofread
C-Allow multiple translators to work on the same project

I'm making it fully configurable so it can be adapted to another game. For that I use txt files, with the most important being:
-An configuration file to change initalize some parameters without touching the code
-A 'dictionary' file to keep track of the correct translation of names/equipments/kinky sexual plays... that machine translation would either get wrong or give inconsistent translations(ex:"メイラ"->"Meira")
-An 'edit' file to correct Google who always mess up in similar ways (ex:"What?「"-> "???「")
-A 'structure' file to keep track of patterns and how to translate said pasterns (ex:"Scripts/Vocab/*" -> translate as script, else "Scripts/* -> don't translate)

Everything seems to work for me with my save and my version of the game.
At this point I want people to tell me about any issues they encounter.
I also have a list of terms I would like translated so I can add it in the translator's dictionary (if someone wants to help).

In the meantime I'm in a holy crusade against bugs and performance issues.


Now, the translator works pretty well for SHRIFT. The patch is decent too. I still have found no way to translate 100% of the game's text simply because RPGMaker Trans won't allow it. Still, a 95% completion seems decent enough. Anyway, all the most annoying stuff has been dealt with.

The next step is to make better use of manual translations. Unfortunately, I'm alone so this will be slow. If things stay like that I won't update the patch for a while.

No issues with the inventory translation.

Colors,names, variables, etc. are not messed up and the translations fit in the windows. (I know Libido->Lust, Resistance->Will, but I was not coding AND play-testing the game.)
Unfortunately there's 5% of the game I have no way to translate (only for now hopefully) because of RPG trans.

A quick message from barghest to you :)

(-_-') Ok, this is bad machine translation. This can be fixed but... do I really want to manually translate all dog related sfx?
Yeah... I would better have Barghest speak like a 4chan troll and keep working on more interesting stuff. I'll go back at it as I improve and test the code.

All in all, the patch is decent and only need some manual translation here and there. But while writing a dictionary is more simple than coding, it's repetitive and boring as hell--so I'm not inclined to do so.

Edit2: So there's a thing called OCR... I may have broken my code but I think this is worth it :)).
Here we go! Picture translation! (somehow working as of now)
Also, better script translations! YAY!
Still no clue how to translate comments though...

Edit 3: Finally updated the patch for 2.2 :). I should now be able to upgrade to 3.0 without too many issues.
No one complained about RPGMaker Trans unpacker/script parser for being broken but it looks like the duplicate in the archive the creator has forgotten aren't good for RPGMaker Trans. The only fix seems to be using a decrypter and deleting the archive.

I had to change the API and I also experimented with new parameters, so there may be some setbacks on MTL quality.
The whole point was to make short sentences with japanese brackets/quotation marks make sense (they really didn't previously)
But (1) text no longer fits well in windows
(2) brackets are now translated and don't appear as they should (they are now standard English single or double quotation marks)
I like things better that way. I'll just find a way to fix the text length again. As for making the brackets appear as the should, that would need a lot of work for something that can be achieved really easily by a human.
The text may look ugly but everyone understands it--that should be the end goal of any machine translation.

Edit 4: I finally found a way to translate the comments!!! This opens lots of possibilities :)Let's see if I can update the patch this WE with a full 100% translation. 100% Translation!

Edit5: New translation
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May 8, 2018
Wow, I did it really fast. I still have to handle some stuff that google messed it up.
Hope you can release your translator in some day. It's so exciting.


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May 2, 2013

got this error just after beating the dolll and the scientist dialogue, any ideas ?

edit: meh just skipped the whole scene in the original version and put the save back to the trans, working fine for now.
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Apr 3, 2018
I think I recognize this. I can think of a way to correct this automatically in a future patch.

I don't know which patch you are using but there should be a "\\N[1]" not written properly in the patch files. My best guess is that it's somewhere in Map059.txt but you'll have to tell me the patch you are using and some of the dialogue that was displayed before the bug so I can ctrl+F find the exact location in the files.

If it's what I think it is, you can do it yourself and rewrite the "\\N[1]" that should be written improperly after the last working message in game. If it's not, then it should be a new bug.
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Oct 13, 2012
to avoid this I use an untranslated copy, insert my save and finish the conversation then save again and copy it to the translated copy to see if i crash
Apr 3, 2018
Guys I'm having an issue. RPG MakerTrans fails to create a untranslated patch for SHRIFT ver 2.2 (patch option 'Create Patch') can anyone try to generate one to see if the issue is on my side?
Download RPGMaker Trans here: http://rpgmakertrans.bitbucket.io/index.html

I've been using 2.0 all the time and decided to do a quick test on 2.2 before 3.0 comes out but 'Unpacking Archive' is now stuck at 90%. This really got me by surprise... I don't want mess with the game files if possible.

Edit: I'm done panicking. Messing with the files solved the issue (caused by duplicate files in encrypted file and non encrypted Data folder).
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Apr 3, 2018
I cant Translate the game .

it stops at 90% for a time
what can i do?
It's not supposed to do that (no use waiting, this is a RPG Maker Trans bug), this also happened to me when I tried to use the patcher on an unmodified 2.2 version of the game.
I could go on with how/why this happens but more importantly, the only way I've found is:
1- to decrypt it with 'RPG Maker XP / VX / VX Ace Decrypter by Falo'
2- to put all the decrypted files (in the created 'Extract' folder) in the game folder
3- to delete the Game RGSS Encrypted Archive.

It's a hacking/resource ripping tool--that may upset some people. I won't post the Application but you can do quick search...

There may be an easier way. Please share if you found one. I'll update the instructions, preferably without promoting a decrypter.
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Apr 3, 2018
i get this error message when i enter chapter 2, any solutions?
For now paste your save in the Japanese version and play on it. (Save folder and PuclicData file)
This should only happen at the beginning of the chapter, you can immediately go and save and go back to the English version.

Or just wait until I recreate the bug and I release the new patch in a few hours

fixed :p
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Apr 3, 2018
Could someone share the untranslated patch for ver3.0? The one generated with RPGMakerTrans? (exactly like patching the game on ver2.2 you'll need to unpack, delete the archive, select the game, but check 'create new patch' on RPGMaker Trans before clicking 'go'.)