Sayaka Yu (Masterofsurprise)


Nov 10, 2008
Destyni started to say something, but discovered Sayaka was unfortunately right. As she tried to go after her, Destyni's legs gave out, and she dropped to one knee, forced to let her body regenerate itself. She sighed at what she perceived as herself being weak, resigned to watch what would, and should have been her duty to prove her worth.

Sayaka stepped up to the barrier, and at first, nothing happened. Just when she started to wonder if they'd been tricked, suddenly some magical force GRABBED her, and yanked her to a specific spot by the barrier. As she arrived at it, helpless to move, a panel opened up on the thing, revealing what looked to be a fake pussy of some kind! Sayaka had all of three seconds to process this before suddenly her cock was plunged inside the tight, fake pussy, and the magical force began forcing her to thrust away into it! It didn't take long for it to make her orgasm, and what an orgasm it was.

Sayaka couldn't help but howl in pleasure as she blew inside the tight pussy, alarm racing through her mind as the thing didn't stop making her thrust even as she helplessly blew. Instead, she was forced to thrust all the way through her orgasm, prolonging it and turning her limbs to jelly. It didn't stop there though as it kept raping her, forcing her to thrust away for what felt like forever, and several more orgasms. By the time it released her, she could barely stand, dropping to the ground almost the same way Destyni had.

By now the elf girl had recovered, and upon the barrier going down, she ran to check on Sayaka.

"Oh god, that ... are you alright?"

Soon after she had recovered and responded, they were moving on. They had not gone far when they came across more foes!

Enemy Encounter:

Level 4 Slurper: Stamina: N/A. Pleasure: 40. HP: 400. Weak vs. Physical Attacks. Special Ability: Limb Snare. Casts Futa Spell (not 100%)

Level 3 Nelvoken Female: Stamina: 130. Pleasure: 50. HP: 600. Damage: 15. Weak vs. Magic. Special Ability: Nelvoken Mating Ritual. (DANGER ALERT, While she is alive, everything will focus on Sayaka until she is grappled or being raped!)

Level 30 Manticore: 85 Pleasure. 1,000 HP. 500 Stamina. Can't escape one rape starts on your own. (SUPER DANGER ALERT!)

Level 5 Venus Suck Trap: Stamina: 145. Pleasure: 50. HP: 600. Weak vs. Cold Attacks.

((The dice love Rare Spawns for you, wtf?))

Initiative Rolls:

Sayaka: 12 (5th)
Destyni: 28 (1st)
Slurper: 10 (Last)
Nelvoken: 22 (4th)
Venus: 26 (2nd)
Manticore: 24 (3rd)

Destyni is the first to react, sensing they are in big trouble, and decides to activate her Mantra of Speed, giving both her and Sayaka faster reaction times, and more chances per 'round'. She loses 25 MP and has 125 left.

Attack Rolls:

Destyni: 22 vs. Nelvoken: 7
Destyni: 23 vs. Nelvoken: 1

Destyni levels the playing field some and kills the Nelvoken!

Grapple Attempts:

Venus: 15 vs. Destyni: 29
Manticore: 26 vs. Destyni: 2

Destyni avoids the Plant woman with ease, dancing away to the side, but unfortunately, the Manticore is waiting for her there, and Destyni walks right into a pincer grab! Destyni cries out as the pincers close around her shoulders, the Manticore far stronger than her, trapping her!


1: Try to free Destyni (Chance the other foes can prevent it.)

2: Hope she can hold out and try to take out some of the other foes ASAP!

3: Other?