Rough Timeline of Events:


Nov 10, 2008
So after some work, I managed to whip up a rough timeline of events for this game. Note that this timeline includes events that your characters WON'T know immediately, and also may contain some spoilers as far as the possibility of a Planet of Pleasure 3. That third installment is way on the back burner as of right now, as #1 is inches away from being finished, and #2 still has to be completed. Anyway, here's the timeline. Note that this timeline may end up being updated periodically, and this thread WILL remain open for comments/suggestions.

Timeline of events:

2000: All hell breaks loose on another planet as the three most powerful demons known at the time wage war on the humans of this planet. The three brothers, Mephisto, Diablo and Baal ultimately are defeated after a nearly 10 year long war. During this time many champions challenge the three evils, and many are killed or corrupted.

2012: Two years after the defeat of the three brothers, Thembrihkal and his master suddenly emerge as true powers, leading to a short war between them and another powerful demon named Kabraxis. Kabraxis isn't equipped to fight on two fronts, and quickly is defeated by the combined forces of Thembrihkal and his Master, who suffer enough losses they must rethink their plans.

2013: Thembrihkal devises a plan to both amuse himself and his master, while helping to create an army. They will twist the natural creatures of many worlds into becoming new creatures, seeking to rape human women. The plan is to ultimately use them as breeders for minions once they are corrupted, but things go better than expected in the creation department. However the beast isn't satisfied that these new minions are powerful enough.

2014: Many women on Earth mysteriously vanish. Unbeknownst to them, or anyone else, they are captured by minions of the Thembrihkal, and most are eventually filtered into groups that are periodically 'thawed out' to satisfy the lustful minions of corruption. However some are forced to go on their own. Many do not survive more than a few days, which eventually leads the Thembrihkal, amongst other reasons, to begin 'gifting' his 'toys' with special powers, making their 'inevitable' corruption and rape all the sweeter to watch unfold.

2016: Special women are captured from their respective home worlds and brought to the Thembrihkal's world. They were chosen not only for their smoking hot looks, but because they displayed super-natural abilities too. When these women end up lasting longer than the normal humans brought in (some manage to go for months before being completely defeated, while a few go that long before suffering their first rape and orgasm,) the Thembrihkal decides that all women brought here from now on will be granted special powers, giving them a chance to survive longer and provide the beast with longer entertainment. This ultimately proves to be a good move, as suddenly more powerful minions are born.

The original 4 Temptri join with the Thembrihkal, as do the three sisters of Baal, Mephisto and Diablo.

2017: Led by the three sisters to the proper locations, Thembrihkal revives Andariel, and convinces Lilith to join him, along with all the former succubi in the three brothers harems.

2036: More women from other planets are brought in, creating a large store of them. This forces the Thembrihkal to leave women in stasis for longer periods of time so he doesn't go through them too fast. This is about the time the PC's are captured.

2152: Thembrihkal and his boss decide that Earth no longer provides suitable victims, and they grant the Nelvoken the right to amass their forces and launch an attack. They are told they can do whatever they want to them. The Nelvoken begin their push across the galaxy, taking their time.

Tessa's children are born and mature quickly thanks to Thembrihkal's influence, and they enter the fray themselves, proving to be almost superior to thier 'mother'.

Most of the created traps are deployed on this world and others.

Thembrihkal creates the Drayne species.

2163: The U.S Military discovers what will later be named the Galaxy Gate, a gateway that can open to other worlds. The device however is inert and so alien, that they are unable to immediately determine it's purpose. Realizing it is alien technology though, it is quickly hidden from the public eye.

2212: The Sylvari Home World is attacked by corruption minions, and all but a handful of the Sylvari are raped to corruption within a month. The survivors flee through the Galaxy Gate, and eventually end up gating to the Mathosian Homeworld, a long time ally.

2231: The Norn are driven from their home world by more corruption minions, and ultimately forced to seek refuge with the Mathosians, an ally of theirs.

2250: The Nelvoken, taking their time on their journey to Earth, siege the Elven Home World. Within weeks they have raped all but ten thousand Elves, forcing the survivors to flee and seek shelter with their Mathosian allies.

2263: The Balaur attack the home world of the Reians. Unlike their corrupting allies, the Balaur have the sense to disable the Galaxy gate, thus trapping the Reians on their planet. Many Reians are raped by the Balaur and forcibly changed into Dragonbound. Those who prove strong willed enough to resist being converted are raped senseless, farmed for their seed and genetic coding, which is then manipulated to create more Balaur, and eventually leads to superior breeds of Balaur arising. The Balaur wipe out the Reians within two years. Thembrihkal becomes aware of them, and offers them the chance to join with him and become even more powerful. The Balaur accept after a short, tense debate. (Planet of Pleasure 2)

After manipulation to advance quicker, the Drayne become enough of a power that Thembrihkal reveals himself to them, and their purpose. The creatures eagerly join their creator in his war.

2302: Cassidy is thawed after nearly 3,000 years of being held captive. When she proves to be more than a match for Thembrihkal's typical minions and heads directly for the gate, bypassing ALL of his special traps, the beast realizes she may be one of the gate builders. Sensing the opportunity to learn information from her and modify the gates to link all of the territory claimed by corruptors, he orders his minions to let her pass. When Cassidy arrives at the gate, she is not expecting a creature with powers equal to her own, possibly superior. As a result, Cassidy is utterly dominated and raped, giving up her knowledge with each orgasm she suffers. Cassidy manages to resist complete corruption but eventually her defenses are broken down by the Thembrihkal, and she is hotly defeated and forced into giving up her knowledge. Even still, the Thembrihkal is forced to work for his satisfaction, requiring a full three years of constant rape before he completely dominates Cassidy's mind, body and soul. Cassidy is unable to prevent most of her knowledge from being drained out of her, and she 'dies' knowing she was powerless to stop him. It is unknown what happened to Cassidy.

2306: Using the knowledge gained from Cassidy's mind, Thembrihkal and his master complete the gateway network adjustments and link all of their planets together. Unknown to them, Cassidy had managed to with-hold certain information at the cost of being dominated in other areas.

2351: Lillandra awakens from a long slumber, only to discover her former domain is now controlled by the Thembrihkal. Enraged, she seeks out her former lover Diablo, only to discover he had been slain 300+ years ago along with his brothers. Further enraged, she discovers the three sisters and their minions have joined forces with her new enemy, and she vows to destroy them all, one at a time.

2352: The very fabric of the universe suffers a massive tear as creatures from the planar realms burst forth into our dimension. While it seems confined to one cluster of galaxies, it just so happens to be the ones with the Planets of Pleasure in them, as well as the original Mathosian Home World. More women are captured at this time, Thembrihkal using the rifts as a distraction to conduct a raid.

2358: Thembrihkal allows the rift creatures to roam his domain after the influence of his master 'tames' them enough to be considered allies. Elsewhere, an entire world is over run with a pair of massive rifts, where the collective energies spawn a hideous creature known as Queen Vallnara. (Planet of Pleasure 2 spoiler)

2360: Mathos, the original Mathosian Home World falls under attack from planar invasions. Many men are killed as the creatures have no use for them. The women however are raped senseless, either being corrupted by death energies or dominated by life energies and forced to become breeders. The Mathosian's and their allies fight for a hundred years, but ultimately are forced to abandon their world.

2482: After a number of relocations and experiments, the Mathosian's figure out how to block planar rifts, and enshroud their new home world with this protection. They now begin focusing on developing defensive and offensive technology in an effort to prepare themselves should they fall under attack from the corrupting ones.

2502: Lillandra finishes corrupting a massive army of both men and women, and sends the first waves into direct combat. They are destroyed, but the succubus gains information, her goal all along.

2532: Lillandra captures a gate builder by the name of Cassandra, gaining all the information she needs on them from her. Unlike Cassidy, Cassandra is unable to keep all of her knowledge from falling into Lillandra's hands, the pleasure of being raped multiple ways too much for her. Lillandra becomes aware of the gateway system, and that there are many more gates that the Thembrihkal isn't aware of. She becomes aware that Earth has one, and she allows things to play out there hoping the humans can slow down the Nelvoken, and perhaps ultimately find a way to defeat them and go to war with her enemy. Her plan is to let them weaken each other if possible, and then clean up whoever is left standing.

2636: The Nelvokens invade Earth, bringing the planet to it's knees in a matter of a week, spoiling Lillandra's plans. (Planet of Pleasure 2)

2637: After a failed attempt to negotiate with the Nelvokens, a small band of survivors manage to escape Earth via the Galaxy Gate. Lillandra becomes aware of these survivors, and allows them to escape. She knows where they went, but she chooses not to finish them off.

Lillandra creates a powerful new succubus named Lillithiara, who will roam about the galaxy searching for more victims. Lillithiara becomes very powerful in a matter of a few months, and learns an attack that she doesn't share with her creator. Lillandra actually is aware of this, but chooses to let it slide as it seems to be effective enough. (Both are Planet of Pleasure 2 spoiler events)

2638: After being stranded on a planet clearly once inhabited by the gate builders, the survivors of Earth locate the address of a suitable world far away, not realizing it is the same planet the Mathosian's now occupy. After an initial tense first contact, the two species become quite close, and the human survivors begin to fit in with the Mathosians and their allies. They make multiple trips to the Gate Builders planet, salvaging technology. Eventually, they become nearly as advanced as the gate builders were, and with the knowledge of what is out there and what to expect, they believe they have a better chance than the gate builders would have.

Lillandra becomes aware of them near the 2638-39 New Year, and chooses to allow them to develop. She knows they are now aware of what is going on, and that they will want to eventually strike back. (Planet of Pleasure Bridge events)

2700: A small group of women make it off their original Planet of Pleasure, and discover the network of planets. They attempt to escape, leaving behind clues as they go, but ultimately they are all raped to defeat around 2701. (Bridge events)

3000: The gate builders become aware of what has transpired back in their old galaxy network, and begin a long journey back our way, setting a course for the only planet they know hasn't fallen. New Mathos. It will take them 40 years to return to this galaxy, and we are completely unaware they are even still alive. (Sets up for Planet of Pleasure 3).

3030: Planet of Pleasure 1 events. You have awoken on the Planet of Pleasure. Time to see what lies out there for you.

3040: The gate builders arrive at New Mathos, and begin working with the allied forces there on a plan to end this war once and for all. (Planet of Pleasure 3 Setup)

Thembrihkal's master becomes aware of their return, and begins to amass his forces for a final all out battle. (Planet of Pleasure 3 Setup)

3042: The first skirmish is fought on New Mathos, with the allied forces winning handily against the first wave of minions. Knowing their enemy will now come to them forces them to divide their forces, and seek out this beasts location. (Planet of Pleasure 3 Setup)

3043: After a year of searching, the beast's location is determined, however to get to him you must venture across several more Planet of Pleasure's and utilize the private gate network. You are dropped off at your first location, and almost immediately come under attack. Most of your huge squad is taken, presumed lost in the first hour on the planet, and only you and one other woman manage to escape and regroup. With no way off this planet but to proceed, you ready yourself to push on with your mission. (Planet of Pleasure 3 Events!)