Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

The Temptress grinned again, bowing her head to accept the challenge...

Initative Roll:

Temptress: 22
Nidala: 14

The Temptress managed to turn the tables on Nidala, reacting before her and gently pushing her backwards. Suddenly a chair just APPEARED behind Nidala, and the Temptress gently pushed her into it! Almost immediately, energy restraints latched on to Nidala, trapping her in the chair! She found she couldn't struggle free at all, as the Temptress lovingly smiled again.

"This is how the arena works love. Let's see if you can resist my mouth."

Battle 1 Round 1:

Temptress: 12, 28, 13, 22, 29, 16, 16 & 26 vs. Nidala: 5, 27, 6, 15, 11, 2, 4 & 25

Nidala can only lay back and try to fight the pleasure as the Temptress begins skillfully sucking her dick, the Blowjob starting off quickly. Try as she might though, Nidala was unable to resist the pleasure being given to her, and eventually she succumbed. It took about eight minutes, but with Nidala unable to resist the pleasure, it didn't really matter. Soon enough Nidala could feel her climax rapidly approaching, and finally the sustained Blowjob became too much for her to handle. A powerful orgasm spurted out of her dick as she succumbed to her Blowjob, unable to do anything but helplessly orgasm into the Temptress' mouth. The Temptress eagerly swallowed every drop Nidala could pump out, continuing to suck her straight through her orgasm until finally, Nidala could pump out no more seed. The Temptress smiled at her, and took a step back for a moment to regard her 'prey', and to speak to her.

"My my, aren't you a tasty little lover. It's a shame once our battle is finished you will have to depart, and I will have to remain here. I'd have very much loved to keep you as my playmate, but alas, rules are rules. Now, let's see if you succumb to my hand as easily as you did for my mouth."

The Temptress leads 1-0!

Battle 2 Round 1:

Temptress: 12 vs. Nidala: 16

Right out of the gate, Nidala manages to resist the Handjob attack, and suddenly it's the Temptress in the chair! Remembering she had to use the same attack until she won, Nidala began to suck off the Temptress!

Nidala: 3, 4, 10 & 13 vs. Temptress: 2, 2, 1 & 27.

Nidala is able to inflict 105 Pleasure upon the Temptress in about 3 minutes time, however not only does her foe have 145 Stamina Left, but she manages to resist Nidala and get her back into the chair!

Battle 2, Round 2:

Temptress: 30 & 14 vs. Nidala: 3 & 18

The Temptress deals 25 Pleasure to Nidala, but no more as the woman manages to resist after a minute or so! Nidala has 225 Stamina left.

Nidala: 30 & 4 vs. Temptress: 6 & 10

Nidala deals 35 Pleasure, but then the Temptress manages to resist her once more! The Temptress has 110 Stamina Left.

Stamina Check:

Nidala: 225
Temptress: 110

Temptress leads 1-0

Battle 2, Round 3:

Temptress: 11, 25, 27, 28, 24, 17, 7 & 19 vs. Nidala: 7, 8, 7, 26, 1, 1, 6 & 23

The Temptress deals 1750 Pleasure to Nidala, but then Nidala is able to resist again! Nidala has 50 Stamina left!

Nidala: 19, 20, 19 & 20 vs. Temptress: 15, 9, 9 & 5

It takes Nidala about 4 minutes, but she is finally able to bring the Temptress to an orgasm! That evens out the Series at 1 game a piece, and Nidala must choose her next attack!

Series Tied 1-1. Nidala has 50 Stamina!

Meanwhile ....

Aya entered the arena and came face to face with .... HERSELF! Blinking several times, she started to speak, when her double decided to instead.

"Well hi there, aren't we sexy as all hell. You're wondering how you are standing in front of yourself, so I'll tell you. The moment you entered the arena, I was able to scan you. I'm what you would call a Doppelganger creature, our kind are capable of transforming into anyone else. In this case, I chose you. Basically, I AM you in almost every sense of the word, save for memories. Outwardly I appear like you, inwardly my anatomay is an exact replica of your own, right down to the structure of my 'bones', and internal parts such as my mouth structure. Basically, you get to have sex with yourself, with every detail of your own body perfectly integrated into this one, for a real self sexual experience. Anyway, what shall we do first?"

Aya simply blinked in surprise. A Doppelganger creature? She certainly had the outward appearance of Aya down, that much was for certain, and something told Aya that this creature spoke the truth about her internal anatomy being identical to Aya's own. The briefest of thrills went through Aya as she considered the possibility of being helplessly sucked off inside of her own mouth, or gently ridden inside of her own pussy. The idea was absurd, impossible, and yet here she was faced with the very real possibility that it COULD happen today. She found herself considering the possibility that if the stakes weren't so high, and that her life could be on the line, that she might actually be tempted to submit right there and let this creature do to her what it would, all for the chance to experience something that no other mortal being likely could ever dream of happening to them. How would her own body feel wrapped around her she wondered. How quickly would she pop in blissful orgasm for her own mouth? How intense would it be to get wrapped up inside of her own pussy and hotly ridden until she popped, or to be ridden even as she popped inside of her own tightness? Aya had to admit, the possibilities were staggering, and very tempting to say the least. One thing was certain, and that was that she no longer had any doubts about if they should have taken this challenge. She was mildly disturbed to consider that if her end was to come today, should she be defeated forever, that she could actually live with her end coming to such a creature, to be taken essentially by her own body and ...

Aya shook her head, clearing it. She couldn't allow herself to think like that or she WOULD lose. She also knew that one way or another, she wasn't getting out of this fight, so she'd better try to survive it. Outwardly, she nodded to her double.

"Very well, this sounds like it could be both interesting, and fun, possibly for both of us. We'll start with the Handjob attack then, and work our way to the more .... exciting things."

Her double nodded in agreement, and inwardly Aya breathed a sigh of relief. A Handjob was the least likely of the three attack to quickly defeat her, and the least likely for her to be overwhelmed by and end up enjoying. If she could gain the edge, and take a lead in their battle, Aya felt she could win even if she did get jerked off to an orgasm eventually, simply because she'd be able to focus on not giving in, knowing she could defeat her foe. Of course, there was a small part of her that had an electric thrill wondering what would happen if she couldn't get the lead. What might happen if her double was able to quickly jerk her off to an orgasm, get the lead and then begin hotly dominating her in other ways? She shuddered internally as she though of the very real possibility that she could be defeated in this, the 'easiest' of the sex attacks, and then become helplessly engaged with the more fun of the attacks, the hotter ones for her. There was the real possibility she could lose this first fight, and then be quickly overwhelmed by the pleasures of a Blowjob, or being ridden. Possibly both.

Clearing her head one final time, Aya nodded to her double that she was ready to begin ....

Initiative Roll:

Doppelganger: 25
Aya: 13

Battle 1 Round 1:

The Doppelganger struck first, creating a magic chair of some kind behind Aya, and then quickly rushing her, gently forcing the assassin into a sitting position in said chair. As soon as Aya's body touched down into the chair, energy restraints wrapped around key areas of her body, completely restraining her! Her ankles were bound to the legs of the chair, followed by her waist. Her upper arms were grabbed next, restrained to the backing of the chair, while her wrists were also strapped down to the arms of the chair. More restraints went around her upper legs, around the thigh area to spread her legs open, while one final band strapped her in across her upper chest. Securely restrained now, all Aya could do was try to resist the pleasure, helpless to escape the chair! She blinked, but before she could protest how unfair this was, her double was starting to jerk her off!

Doppelganger: 27, 16 & 1 vs. Aya: 11, 8 & 14

Aya experiences 50 Pleasure before she can muster up the will to resist! Suddenly it's her double in that chair, and Aya launches into her own attack!

Aya: 21, 13, 7, 24, 12 & 11 vs. Doppelganger: 16, 8, 5, 5, 10 & 21

Aya is able to inflict 125 Pleasure upon her double before her attack is resisted, and she once again finds herself restrained in that chair!

Aya has 200 Stamina Left.

The Doppelganger has 125 Stamina Left.

Battle 1 Round 2:

Doppelganger: 28, 30, 15, 22 & 7 vs. Aya: 16, 23, 11, 18 & 30

Aya experiences 100 Pleasure before she is able to fight off the rape, and turn the tables once more! Aya has 100 Stamina left!

Aya: 11, 23, 20, 29 & 18 vs. Doppelganger: 3, 21, 10, 19 & 19

Aya inflicts 100 Pleasure upon her double, but can't finish the deal as her double resists her, and turns the tables on her again!

Aya has 100 Stamina.

The Doppelganger has 25 Stamina.

Battle 1 Round 3:

Doppelganger: 28, 30, 8 & 22 vs. Aya: 8, 28, 5 & 11

This time Aya can't find a way to resist the pleasure, and after about 4 minutes of being helplessly jerked off by her double, Aya can no longer hold back her pleasure, and she succumbs to an orgasm, spurting helplessly as her double hotly jerks her all the way through her climax. Aya moans lightly as she succumbs to the pleasure, and as she empties out, Aya realizes she is in trouble. She's fallen behind, and although she's close to making her double orgasm too, Aya realizes the real hot fun is about to begin!

Her double steps back for a moment, smiling at her.

"That was fun! We've been evenly matched so far, but now it's time to see if you can resist the pleasure of your own mouth sucking you off."

The Doppelganger leads 1-0!

The Doppelganger has 25 Stamina.

Battle 2 Round 1:

Doppelganger: 22, 13 & 16 vs. Aya: 16, 2 & 19

Aya experiences 70 Pleasure as her double begins to give her a Blowjob, threatening to defeat the sexy woman right there. Aya is able to buckle down and resist though, and give herself a chance! Aya has 180 Stamina.

Aya: 25 vs. Doppelganger: 1

Aya manages to tie the series up with a few quick hand jerking motions over her double's dick, making her double spurt in an orgasm! Aya steps back for a moment to decide upon her next attack...

Series Tied 1-1

Aya has 180 Stamina.


1: Have Nidala give a Handjob.

2: Have Nidala use her Pussy to ride the Temptress.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

Nidala cursed out loudly as she was pushed back into the chair that had magically materialized behind her. As she was laid on her back she moaned out and lewdly as she felt the Temptress's suction cup like mouth begin sucking away at her futa dick. She would mewl, moan and whine out loudly and lewdly for several minutes as she would try to hold back her orgasm, but it was no use' the Temptress was just too good with her mouth and she cry out loud in ecstasy as she would unleash her salty, sticky, hot load into the succubus's mouth. As the second round starts the Temptress begins by immediately trying to rub another orgasm out of her. She moans out loudly and lewdly even as she fights to keep from blowing her load a second time. She continues to try to eat out the succubus unfortunately relegated to one attack for the contest till her opponent cums. What seemed like slow, agonizingly pleasurable hours, she is finally able to make her for squirt, evening out the score. But now she was all pent up! She was very near her second orgasm and defeat for this round. "ALRIGHT! ENOUGH WITH THE FOREPLAY! IF IM GOING TOSE, IM GOING TO AT LEAST ENJOY GETTING A GOOD PROPER FUCK OUT OF YOU!" she cried out in frustration, throwing caution and decorum to the winds in reckless abandon tackling the Temptress to the ground and rolling her up with her kwgs over head and just plowing away at her pussy! "YOUR CUNT IS MINE BITCH!"

((2. Ride her pussy))


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

((Nidala is the one doing the riding, for now anyway!))

Battle 3 Round 1:

Nidala: 27 & 2 vs. Temptress: 12, 28

Nidala deals 45 Pleasure before the Temptress resists her! The Temptress has 205 Stamina left!

Temptress: 24 & 7 vs. Nidala: 12 & 14

The Temptress deals 25 Pleasure before Nidala can resist! Nidala has 25 Stamina left!

Stamina Checks:

Nidala: 25
Temptress: 205

Battle 3 Round 2:

Nidala: 15, 14 & 1 vs. Temptress: 12, 9 & 26

Nidala deals 90 Pleasure before being resisted again. The Temptress has 115 Stamina left!

Temptress: 17 vs. Nidala: 11

The Temptress finishes Nidala off quickly, jerking her to a helpless orgasm while Nidala lays restrained in the chair! As her orgasm finishes, the Temptress smiles again.

"You've fought well, but now it's time to see if you can resist my pussy my love. Enjoy!"

The Temptress leads 2-1.

The Temptress has 115 Stamina.

Battle 4 Round 1:

Temptress: 24, 16, 30 & 3 vs. Nidala: 13, 4, 22 & 11

Nidala experiences 135 Pleasure as the Temptress keeps her restrained in the chair and simply climbs into it with her! The Temptress slips her TIGHT pussy over Nidala's waiting cock, and begins to ride her while they are both in the chair, a sort of sexual lapdance. Nidala however is able to resist after three minutes of this, knowing she can't take much more of THAT without popping in defeat! Nidala has 115 Stamina left.

Nidala: 17 & 4 vs. Temptress: 13 & 27

Nidala deals only 45 Pleasure before being resisted again, and trapped in the chair herself!

Stamina Checks:

Nidala: 115
Temptress: 70

Temptress leads 2-1

Battle 4 Round 2:

Temptress: 6, 29 & 20 vs. Nidala: 3, 24 & 29

Nidala experiences 90 Pleasure before she can resist and go on the attack once more. However, as she does, she realizes that this is it. If she doesn't win out right now, the next time the Temptress gets HER in that chair, she's done

for! Nidala has 25 Stamina!

Nidala: 22 & 5 vs. Temptress: 3 & 3.

Nidala rides the Temptress off to an orgasm, feeling her burst inside of Nidala's own pussy! Nidala ties the series 2-2!

Nidala has 25 Stamina!

Series tied 2-2.

Battle 5 Round 1:

Nidala: 22 vs. Temptress: 27

Nidala tries to use the Handjob Attack, as that is all that is left for her to use, but unfortunately her attack is resisted! Her eyes widen as she is trapped back in the chair herself, realizing this could be it!

Temptress: 20 vs. Nidala: 8

Try as she might, Nidala is unable to resist the pleasure given to her as the Temptress climbs back into the chair with her, slips her tight pussy over her cock and begins to give her that sexual lapdancing ride once more. Already near the breaking point, Nidala quickly succumbs to the pleasure, a wild orgasm spurting out of her as she is hotly defeated! As she empties helplessly into the Temptress' pussy, her foe smiles again, planting a big kiss on her lips before looking at her lovingly.

"You fought well love, the best fight I've had in some time. Alas, you have lost, and I shall now claim my prize from you. For the next little while, you are mine. Not to worry, I will release you soon enough, after all, there was an agreement."

For the next hour or so, Nidala was helplessly and hotly ridden inside of the pussy of the Temptress, unable to do anything but enjoy herself. She would gain 500 KP from the entire encounter, but realized it could have been a lot more in a true battle. Nidala wasn't sure exactly how many orgasms she had, only that the Temptress seemed to take great enjoyment out of making her write in pleasure beneath her body in that chair, and milking her for every drop she could.

Finally though, Nidala was spent and couldn't handle any more pleasure, the Temptress seeming to realize this as she carefully climbed out of the chair and off Nidala.

"You were great babe, I hope you enjoyed our time together. Come back some time and we can go at it again if you'd like, I'll be waiting for that chance."

The Temptress vanished, as did the chair, leaving Nidala laying on the ground near where she and Aya had originally met the Imp. Evidently she'd been transported out of the Arena, but for the moment there was no sign of Aya. Hopefully that meant Aya was still in battle, and winning...

Nidala LOST 3-2 and gained 500 KP.

Meanwhile ....

Aya took a moment to decide her next attack. She could match her double and try to suck her off, but Aya knew she needed to gain the upper hand and quickly in this fight. She'd only JUST been able to resist her double's blowjob attack, and she wasn't confident in her ability to last long should the tables get turned on her again, not without a series lead or at least some kind of momentum. Her mind made up, she smiled sheepishly at her foe.

"My apologies, but I must do what I can to win this fight. I'm breaking the order you've set forth."

Her double merely smiled in reply, seeming to understand, which left Aya to get back down to business!

Battle 3 Round 1:

Aya: 19, 13, 20, 10 & 18 vs. Doppelganger: 9, 10, 19, 5 & 21

Aya deals 180 Pleasure to her double before finally being resisted, and trapped back in the chair! The Doppelganger has 70 Stamina left.

Doppelganger: 22, 24, 11, 3, 30 & 24 vs. Aya: 13, 14, 2, 2, 16 & 14

Once Aya was trapped in the magical chair, her double quickly set to work on her. She began to expertly suck Aya's dick, using her tongue to assist in pleasuring the assassin to great effect. Aya tried her best to fight it, knowing she had the momentum in her favor, but the pleasure of having her dick sucked was too great for her to handle. The fact she was literally being sucked off by her own mouth just made it all the better for her, and finally it became too much. Aya tipped her head back and screamed a wordless scream of pleasure to the sky above as her orgasm hit, a powerful spurting sensation unlike anything she'd ever felt before. As she climaxed, she could feel her double expertly using her tongue to flicker across the very tip of Aya's cock, coaxing out every bit of seed she could all while continuing to suck her right through her orgasm. Aya convulsed in pleasure, writhing helplessly in the confines of the chair, helplessly restrained. All she could do was enjoy herself as her double quite literally sucked every drop out of her, happily swallowing every bit that Aya could pump out.

It had only taken six minutes for her double to defeat Aya with a blowjob, and now Aya realized with a thrill that being taken inside of her own tight pussy was the next thing she'd have to fight! Aya moaned lightly, realizing she might be completely done for now!

Aya trails 2-1.

The Doppelganger has 70 Stamina left.

Battle 4 Round 1:

Doppelganger: 12 vs. Aya: 15

Aya is able to stop the Doppelganger from pleasuring her, giving her a golden opportunity ...

Aya: 13 & 22 vs. Doppelganger: 6 & 8

Aya manages to tie the series after about two minutes, riding her double off to a powerful orgasm! Aya can feel her double spurting wildly inside of her pussy, shuddering slightly as she realizes how good it feels to dominate another woman.

Series TIED 2-2.

Both combatants have full stamina.

Battle 5 Round 1:

Aya: 11 & 6 vs. Doppelganger: 3 & 16

Aya deals only 35 Pleasure with her attempted blowjob before her double resists her attack, and traps her back in the chair!

The Doppelganger has 215 Stamina left.

Doppelganger: 9, 14 & 10 vs. Aya: 7, 13 & 16

Aya experiences 90 Pleasure before she is able to resist, though she is stunned when her double climbs into the chair and slips her tight pussy over Aya's cock, beginning to ride her like she was giving her a lapdance. The pleasure was intense, and Aya only just managed to fight it off to give herself another chance. She knew she had to make it count, because there was a chance if she got captured again, it'd all be over for her...

Aya has 160 Stamina left.

Battle 5 Round 2:

Aya: 12, 22, 23 & 6 vs. Doppelganger: 7, 3, 3 & 29

Aya deals out 105 Pleasure, but finds her attack resisted again! She cries out as she is trapped in the chair once more, realizing that this could be a win or be defeated scenario for her!

The Doppelganger has 110 Stamina left.

Doppelganger: 28, 28, 27 & 12 vs. Aya: 27, 3, 4 & 23

Aya experiences 135 Pleasure, and is nearly defeated! In the end, she manages to resist and give herself one final chance to win. Aya knows this is a win now situation, or the next time she's in that chair, she's likely done for!

Aya has 25 Stamina left.

The Doppelganger has 110 Stamina left.

Battle 5 Round 3:

Aya: 5, 12, 23 & 20 vs. Doppelganger: 2, 11, 6 & 30

Aya deals 105 Pleasure, nearly winning before suddenly her double manages to resist her! Aya barely has time to cry out in both horror, and anticipation as her double turns the tables on her, trapping her back in the chair! Aya begins to desperately struggle, knowing that this could be the end of her!

The Doppelganger has 5 Stamina left!

Doppelganger: 9 vs. Aya: 4

Aya was completely overwhelmed. Her own tight pussy was once more engulfing her captured cock, her double expertly riding her. Try as she might, Aya couldn't fight the pleasure any longer, and despite her desperate attempts to resist one more time, she could feel victory slipping away from her. Each riding motion brought her a step closer to the brink of defeat, and what a hot defeat it would be. An orgasm was building within Aya's body, itching to be let loose, and claim her within it's grasp. She could feel it coming, the pussy riding her, almost lap dancing her was moments away from finishing her off.

It took about a minute to happen, the pleasure finally building past what Aya could handle. There would be no victory for her, only orgasmic defeat as she helplessly writhed in pleasure underneath her double's body. Aya was helplessly restrained in the chair, and she had reached the point where she couldn't fight what she was feeling. A powerful orgasm welled up inside of her, and with one final riding motion from her double, Aya's built up pleasure finally released in a blinding hot orgasm. Aya screamed loudly as she spurted her load helplessly into her double's tight pussy, her OWN pussy. Her entire body shook with the power of her orgasm, trembling as it struggled to release her passion fast enough. There was no denying how good it felt, and Aya could only gasp as her double continued riding her all the way through her orgasm, not letting her just empty out. It took more than five minutes for Aya to completely release all of her pleasure, by far the longest, hottest orgasm she'd ever had. In fact, her mind numbly registered that it was probably a record for any one living person shortly before her world was turned upside down again.

Her double smiled at her, bending down and passionately kissing Aya fully on her lips, pressing her tongue into Aya's mouth. Aya was in too much pleasure to resist it, melting into the kiss as she lightly moaned, feeling her tongue fencing with ... well ... her own tongue on the other side of the kiss. She didn't know how long the kiss went on for, but eventually her double broke it off, regarding her for a long moment. Then, she grinned at Aya again, and it was there that Aya knew she wasn't finished.

"You fought well sexy, but you lost. I will of course honor the agreement to set you free, but before I do, I intend to enjoy you for a little while longer. I know you enjoyed both your own pussy, and your own mouth taking you, so I'm going to allow you to experience the pleasure of both for a while before I let you go. I think I know what you want first too, so lay back and enjoy yourself Aya Morioka, you've more than earned it."

Aya could only weakly moan as her double easily took advantage of her defeated state, beginning to ride her in earnest once more. It didn't take long for her to make Aya succumb to the pleasure once again, the first of many times she would. Orgasm after orgasm was ridden out of her, the sexual lapdance quite easily defeating Aya time and time again. She wasn't even given time to recover between her wild, spurting orgasms, her double just kept mercilessly riding her through each and every orgasm, not allowing Aya time to think about anything but how good it felt. Aya lost count of how many times she was ridden to paradise, how many times she helplessly spurted her seed into her own pussy, which never seemed to grow tired of taking her. It was about an hour later when the last orgasm claimed her, Aya trembling as it was ridden out of her. Finally she was given a brief moment to recover, as her double climbed out of the chair and smiled once more. Aya looked up and into her own eyes, and what she saw there told her everything she needed to know. It wasn't over yet. This was confirmed a moment later by her double as she spoke again.

"That was so good, I really enjoyed feeling you explode inside of me over and over again. I know you enjoyed it too, so I'm going to give you one last treat before I go. I know how much you enjoyed it earlier, how much you loved feeling your own mouth suck your dick dry, so I'm going to let you enjoy that again. You've more than earned the reward for such a great battle. Enjoy yourself Aya!"

Aya could do nothing but lay there in the chair, restrained and vulnerable, and accept her 'reward' as her double slowly lowered her mouth down and claimed Aya's throbbing cock inside once more. Her sensitive flesh almost immediately began to respond to the sensation of the blowjob, causing the sexy assassin to begin trembling anew. It was all too much for her to take, all of this pleasure in such a short time, and yet it wasn't over by a long shot. Slowly, her double continued to suck Aya's dick, working her towards another climax that Aya was sure would dwarf anything she'd felt in the last hour. She could feel her passion bubbling up, the pleasure building intensely within her as she helplessly trembled under the continued onslaught. Any moment now her double would finally succeed in bringing Aya to an orgasm, and Aya would be lost to the pleasures of it as she spurted helplessly into her mouth, unable to pull out or stop her double from continuing to suck her all the way through it. Finally, the moment arrived, and Aya once again threw her head back and screamed in intense pleasure as she succumbed. Aya's entire body writhed in pleasure in the confines of the chair once more, her toes curling and her fingers clawing at the sides of the chair she was restrained in, trying desperately to find some way to brace against the rush. It was useless though as nothing she did could ease the rush of pleasure tearing through her. Aya's cock was spurting hot loads of her pleasure uncontrollably, and as she had predicted, her double was continuing to suck her right through her orgasm, using her tongue to coax every drop out of Aya that she could. By the time her first orgasm had finally subsided, her double was already bringing her to a second one, which was followed by a third, then a fourth, and finally Aya lost count of how many orgasms she had. All Aya could think about was how good it felt to be given a blowjob, and to have it happen from her own mouth sucking her dick. There was no resisting it, no escaping it, only enjoying it. Eventually Aya laid back and succumbed to it all, enjoying the last half an hour of what turned into an hour long blowjob session. She only numbly registered the fact that her double finally released her at some point, telling her to return again if she ever wanted to experience her own body taking her again. Aya was completely oblivious to the fact that she had been transported out of the arena at some point after her double's little speech, too enthralled by how good it had all felt for her.

Nidala had just manged to collect herself and stand on her own feet when Aya suddenly appeared from thin air. It was quite clear the moment she laid eyes on Aya that the woman had been completely and utterly dominated, the blank look on her face saying it all. While Nidala's scan told her Aya had only gained 500 KP, the more worrisome part was that Aya seemed completely out of it. There was still a bit of semen leaking from the futa cock on Aya that hadn't yet vanished, indicating she'd either been ridden to paradise, or sucked off to paradise. Nidala had been waiting almost half an hour for Aya to appear until now, and it might dawn on her that perhaps like her, Aya had been subjected to an hour or longer of intense sexual pleasure. Whatever the case, Aya seemed completely oblivious to her surroundings, and that could prove very dangerous for her.


1: Try to snap her out of it by talking to her, asking her what happened etc. Also try to get her moving.

2: Same as option 1, but let her rest while trying to bring her back to reality.

3: Let her have a short time without saying anything to her, allowing her time to recover from whatever she has endured.

(Can't be caught, though they don't know that)
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

As Nidala lay in the area outside of the arena, her cock still hard from the constant riding from the temptress, she would see Aya appear outside some ways from her as well, her magical induced futa cock still leaking a bit of cum and completely out of her senses. Nidala would walk over to her friend and hold her stroking Her hair. After a few moments, she would kiss Aya on the lips before asking her if she would like to 69 with her and work out what little bit of lust may be remaining from the contest, and if Aya agreed, she would attempt to suck out one last orgasm from her futa cock hopefully causing it to vanish before simply lying there snugglig with her friend until the came down from their pleasure highs...
((3.Let them have a short time to recover before moving on.))


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

Aya's response was to moan into Nidala's kiss, and shake her head yes once to the question before Nidala went down on her. Shortly after, Aya went to work on Nidala as well.

Each sucking motion from Nidala's mouth caused Aya's body to twitch in pleasure, and Nidala could feel Aya's futa cock throbbing in anticipation of one more orgasm. From the way the woman was responding, it wasn't going to take long to bring Aya to an orgasm, as she was already bucking wildly. Nidala might actually have to hold Aya down to keep her from bucking too much, as Aya's body was clearly on fire with pleasure. Soon enough, Aya's fingers were clawing at the air as her body tensed, and finally spasmed in release. Aya's orgasm came like a gunshot, hot and fast as she spurted her hot seed into Nidala's mouth. She cried out, her body shuddering until she was completely emptied out, enjoying every second of it. Finally her futa cock vanished, and after a moment to catch her breath, she began to return the favor.

Aya's mouth was absolutely nothing short of heaven. As soon as Nidala's futa cock was inside it, Aya began to suck on her like she was a piece of candy. Her mouth was incredibly tight, and it was clear she'd picked up on the art of giving a blowjob somewhere, or maybe she just naturally was this good. Either way, her warm, tight mouth was quickly working Nidala towards the boiling point, and even as Aya sucked her off, Nidala could feel the assassin's tongue flickering over her futa cock as well, teasingly licking it even as she sucked it. Nidala would have just enough time to wonder if this was what a 'sexual assassination' felt like before she could think of nothing more than her orgasm.

Nidala's body finally reached the point it couldn't contain what Aya was doing any longer, and a torrent of her hot seed spurted wildly out of her futa cock in an orgasm, right into Aya's mouth. Somehow the woman took it all, swallowing the first immediate rush of Nidala's seed. Aya wasn't done though, and as Nidala began to run dry of her spurting load, Aya would suddenly deep throat her and begin using her tongue to coax just a little more out of Nidala by flickering against the base of her futa cock. Another mini rush of pleasure exploded through Nidala as she let loose another hot spurt of seed into Aya's mouth, which was quickly swallowed up. By the time Aya was finished and withdrew her lips from Nidala, her futa cock was vanishing, and seconds after being released from Aya's mouth, it was gone.

After a short time, Aya stood, seemingly ready to go, but waiting for Nidala.

((No KP from that since their futa cocks were from an arena, and not a corrupting battle))


1: Move onward.

2: Other?
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

Nidala shuddered and moaned, her whole body rocked to the core, shivering and shuddering violently with every lick and bob of Ayas tongue and head onto her already sensitive magicked shaft from the temptress. Her eye lids fluttering open and shut, looking quite epileptic from the sheer pleasure her friend was lavishing and spoiling her with. Every second Aya doted her with was pure Bliss and would send wave after wave of pleasure courzing through her being; until finally, it was too much to take and she would send her first hot sticky salty metallic load of baby batter into Ayas throat- the young woman happily and greedily guzzling it down and swallowing. But Aya would not be content or finished with that, she would press onward, trying to lick and suck out one last yummy spurt of semen from the dark elf. "Oooooh- Ayaaaa! Its just too GOOOOOooooood!" she cried before fainting dead away into Aya's arm as her magicked futa cock would dissipate into nothingness. For the next few minutes Nidala would simply lie there in the 69 position spooning and being spooned by Aya, cuddling and basking in the covolesence and afterglow of the pure coital bliss that was their session. After what was probably a few hours of cuddling spooning and kissing, Nidala would stir awake and try to rouse Aya awake, "Aya... Sweetie? That was magnificent ad all... But we've got to keep moving now, or well end up being fucked all kinds of sideways. C'mon." And when Aya would awake and be ready to go, the two would continue on their trek through this bizarre combination dreamscape/nightmare world of a planet....

((1. Move on.))


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

Aya for her part seemed to have been awake already, her focus having returned to her at some point. As Nidala stirred, she was on her feet, ready to go. It might cross Nidala's mind that Aya may have been awake far longer than she had been, and had been keeping watch just in case. Either way, the Assassin was ready to go.

Moving onward, they soon found themselves in a wide open field, a few trees here and there but otherwise seemingly uninteresting in terms of geography. As they pressed through the area ...

Trap Evasion Rolls:

Aya: 21 vs. Trap???: 2
Nidala: 4 vs. Trap???: 24

... Aya started to stop and say something, but Nidala, not paying as close attention walked into her, causing them both to fall down in what at first seemed to be a puddle of mud. Before either of them could comment about how disgusting it felt, a wave of pleasure ran through them, causing Aya to groan. Looking downward, Aya let out a surprised sound as she noticed both of them were growing futa cocks again! As that realization sank in ...

Parasite Status Afflictions:

Nidala: 11: Disrupts your ability to store energy, halving your MP totals for five straight turns.

Aya: 16: Causes severe problems for you, halving ALL of your stats for five straight turns.

Nidala suddenly felt like someone has sucked half her energy out of her, as her Mana Stores suddenly were slashed in half! A quick glance over at Aya told her the Assassin was in even worse shape, as it seemed all of her vital energy had been slashed in half, and suddenly Aya seemed a lot weaker than she had moments ago. A warning flashed in their minds about having been attacked by some kind of parasite!


1: Try to get the thing off! (chance to be caught while doing so)

2: Other?
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

"G-Gyaah! This... This fucking... THING! Its like its just sucking up all my mana! They're some kind of fucking parasites! Were gonna have to get them off or were going to majorly gimped and not much good against anything we might run into Aya!" Nidala sain in a frenzied manner as she would attempt to rip Ayas sucker off of her, "Here grab a hold of mine and maybe if pull with everything we got simultaneously we can rip the fuckers off!"

((1. Try to get them off.))


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

Parasite Removal Attempts:

Nidala: 5 vs. Parasite: 12

Aya: 25 vs. Parasite: 30

Neither woman is able to remove their parasites! The creatures worm their way deeper into each woman's body, and they realize they'll have to wait a bit before they can try again. Fortunately, they aren't attacked while busy.

3 Turns remaining til they can try again, 4 turns left before status change.


1: Move on while waiting to try again.

2: Attempt to wait it out and try again (chance to be caught before you can or as you try)
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

"Grrrrarrrrgh! FUCK! These fucking things won't move! Cmon Aya! We can't sit on our arses all day! We gotta keep moving! Maybe we can try again if we can reach some shelter or a safe place, but we really are better off keeping moving!" Nidala curses in frustration as she decides to move on a bit further down the path. If they would find a place to rest for a spell they would attempt to tear the disgusting little buggers out of their bodies once again.

((1.Move on while waiting to try again.))


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

Nodding weakly, Aya staggered to her feet and they moved on as quickly as they could. Soon enough they found themselves back in a wooded area. As they realized it seemed empty, for now anyway, they started to walk through and deeper into the woods, but ...

Trap Evasion Rolls:

Nidala: 12 vs. Trap???: 7

Aya: 3 vs. Trap???: 13

Nidala thought she spotted a trap, but Aya was far too slowed down by her parasite to be able to avoid it in time. A clicking sound could be heard, and suddenly two of the trees OPENED to reveal a trap. Before either woman could react, a trio of suction cups came flying out, and latched onto them. One on each breast, and the third perfectly landed over their new futa cocks! Almost instantly the cups drew taught on them, and began to suck!

Nidala suffers 45 pleasure as this odd form of Blowjob began for her, and gains 65 KP! While able to keep standing for the moment, Nidala has 117 Stamina left.

Aya meanwhile is much less fortunate. Despite suffering less pleasure than Nidala, Aya was already severely weakened by the trap, and as such, when the trap drew tight around her breasts and her now being sucked upon cock, it was with enough force to yank her to the ground! Aya cried out as the pleasure quickly began taking it's toll on her weakened body, trembling as she was sucked towards paradise! Aya suffers 40 pleasure and gains 60 KP. She has only 48 stamina left until she is brought to an orgasm!


1: Try to escape the trap! (Would she give in at any point?)

2: Enjoy a blowjob til you orgasm!

3: Let the trap have it's way with you for however long it wants.

4: Let the trap have it's way with you until the Parasite Changes statuses.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

"GAAAAHH" Nidala screams out in frustration and pleasure as the suction cup trap latches onto her tits and parasitic futadick, grasping at it with all of her might in an attempt to remove it. She struggles with the leach mightily for a few minutes tills she sees Aya struggling and sees that she doesn't have much willpower left till the creature and trap forces her to cum. She decides to go and lend what strength she can to help the more able bodied of the two from her predicament before returning focus to her own parasite.

1. ((Try to escape the trap. Is it possible for Nidala to lend Aya extra strength, and give her a bonus? Either way Nidala will help Aya first as she's closest to orgasm at the time.))


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Nidala Andalor (TentanariX)

((Nidala would have to get free first and THEN she could try to save Aya, effectively giving two chances per 'try'. Let's see what happens.))

Escape Trap Attempts:

Nidala: 3 vs. Trap: 10

Aya: 11 vs. Trap: 28

Neither woman can free themselves!

Pleasure Rolls:

Trap: 23 vs. Nidala: 14

Trap: 30 (Critical, ouch) vs. Aya: 12

Nidala suffers 45 pleasure and gains 45 KP as her 'blowjob' continues! She has 72 Stamina left.

Aya meanwhile just can't handle it. The Trap finds her most vulnerable spots, and sucks them hard, hot and fast. Overwhelmed by the pleasure, Aya screams loudly as her orgasm rips through her, body shuddering on the ground as she spurts wildly in bliss into the suction cups sucking her off. To make matters worse, the suction cups are partly see through, and Nidala can actually SEE Aya's seed being sucked out of her, one pleasurable spurt at a time, even as the woman helplessly writhes in pleasure! Aya suffers 80 Pleasure and gains 130 KP from her rape and orgasm, and soon her adrenaline starts to flow. But with the parasite weakening her, will it be enough? Aya has 56 Stamina left.

Escape Trap Attempts:

Nidala: 23 vs. Trap: 29

Aya: 3+10=13 vs. Trap: 22

Again, neither woman can get free!

Pleasure Rolls:

Trap: 23 vs. Nidala: 27

Nidala manages to resist any pleasure!

Trap: 25 vs. Aya: 3+10=13

Aya can't resist, and the trap continues to hit her most vulnerable spots! Aya screams as once again she is sucked to an orgasm by the trap, writhing in pleasure on the ground as she succumbs to her pleasure, having the adrenaline sucked out of her as well! It's so intense for her that after the fact, she lays there completely stunned for 2 turns! Aya suffers 80 Pleasure and gains 130 KP from her blowjob. She has 64 Stamina left! Aya is growing weaker and weaker as the device has drained some of her HP and most of her MP!


Free Aya Attempt:

Nidala: 20 vs. Trap: 15

Nidala manages to free Aya, but the Woman is still stunned for 2 rounds!

Before Nidala can do anything else though, she notices 4 enemies coming towards them! Unfortunately, the Parasites choose that exact moment to change their statuses!

Nidala: 14: Makes your futa cock grow larger, enough so you can suck yourself off, and you are forced to for five straight turns. If you were grappled/being raped, this breaks you free, and you can't be attacked again until this wears off. (Can't be removed during this).

Aya: 5: Contorts itself enough and makes you penetrate your pussy with itself as it acts like a cock, making you rape yourself for five straight turns. Chance of impregnating yourself. (can't be removed during this time, has no effect if you are already having sex but will apply if you break free from it).

The Parasites take over both women, and while Nidala's cock grow large enough that she can't help but suck herself off, Aya's grows and bends in new ways so that it can thrust into her TIGHT pussy, causing the sexy Assassin to moan in renewed pleasure! The four enemies, who Nidala hasn't identified yet, sit on the outskirts of the action, watching.

Nidala is forced to suck her own dick for 5 turns, dealing 65 Pleasure each time. Nidala experiences 325 Pleasure and has two orgasms! Forced to swallow her own seed each time, Nidala gains 485 KP from it and has 79 Stamina left!

Aya meanwhile is in complete heaven. Feeling her own tight pussy gripping her cock, and having that cock being thrust into her pussy was incredible for her, just like her arena fight all over again. Aya has sex with herself for 5
turns, dealing 65 Pleasure each time. Aya experiences 390 Pleasure as the first few thrusts are in her most pleasurable spots! Aya enjoys 2 Orgasms, impregnating herself on the first one as she empties her seed pleasurably into her own womb, crying out in repeated bliss as she orgasms! Aya is Pregnant for 16 turns when the Parasite Changes again, and she has gained 835 KP. She has 92 Stamina left.

Parasite Changes:

Nidala: 12: Makes your legs weaker, halving your base speed, making it harder to escape from anything attacking you for five straight turns.

Aya: 16: Causes severe problems for you, halving ALL of your stats for five straight turns.

The Parasites Change again, with Nidala feeling slower, and Aya showing signs that her entire body was being sapped of it's strength by the cursed Parasite again! Worse still, they had company!

Enemy Spawn:

Level 4 Humanoid Plant: Stamina: 175. Pleasure: 45. HP: 700. Weak to Fire. Special Ability: Tentacle Bind.

Level 3 Possessed Human: Stamina: 175. Pleasure: 30. HP: 700.

Level 3 Karsetti: Stamina: 150. Pleasure: 45. HP: 600. Damage: 8. Weak vs. Physical Attacks. Special Ability: Super Tentacle Bind. Anger Slots: 3/3.

Level 4 Nelvoken Female: Stamina: 155. Pleasure: 40. HP: 700. Damage: 20. Weak vs. Magic. Special Ability: Nelvoken Mating Ritual.

Initiative Rolls:

Nidala: 5 (Last)
Aya: 6 (5th)
Plant: 22 (2nd)
Human: 11 (4th)
Karsetti: 13 (3rd)
Nelvoken: 24 (1st)

Unable to react first, the women are attacked!

Grapple Attempts:

Nelvoken: 24 vs. Aya: 8

Aya is quickly and easily grabbed by the Nelvoken!

Plant: 16 vs. Nidala: 7

Nidala is grabbed by the Plant!

Karsetti: 26 vs. Nidala: 9

Nidala is grabbed by the Karsetti too!

Human: 24 vs. Aya: 11

The Human grabs Aya from behind and takes her to the ground with ease alongside the Nelvoken!

Escape Grapple Attempt(s):

Aya: 9 vs. Nelvoken: 22 & Human: 18

The Nelvoken and Human easily keep Aya restrained and held down, preparing to double team her into sexual oblivion!


1: Try to escape before you get tentacle double teamed (would she give in at any point, and how long if so?)

2: Get raped to an orgasm!

3: Get raped until these creatures leave you alone (could be a while).