[Complete - Partial] [Complete - Full] 行け!! 鳴神学園オカルト研究部2


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Oct 23, 2013
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Done for now

Thanks to @mayaktheunholy @Anurabis @Yudou and @Sinflower This partial was made using 1.0.9 s Also,

Also, Sinflower did a machine translation using Bing, so if you put the Scenario.json file in data the dialogs should be translated. So, you could say it's a full machine translation thanks to him.

Note : There are still some things not translated so TA might be handy for some parts of the game.

You will need 0.55of Enigma Virtual Box unpacker to decrypt the game
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Dec 11, 2016
Thanks Yugi, looking forward to it. The first one was pretty decent, even if this one isn't as good it'll still be worth playing. Though honestly the new system looks like it will be an improvement not a detriment, so hopefully it ends up a better game. :unsure:


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Oct 23, 2013
Right, update.
Game has gotten a lot of bug fixes , so been mostly waiting for that to cool down.
According to the blog, there are still bugs left so we waiting for those to be squashed down.
Oct 23, 2013
Whats is it now, full or partial? It cannot be both.
Allow me to explain it in detail then.

In the patch that you download you will find the usual partial stuff. www , js and img folder which will translate stuff like a partial does. This can be used along TA as per usual.
Now, the EXTRA thing is a Scenario.js file that you can put in the data folder afterwards that will MACHINE TRANSLATE the Dialog from npcs and H Events that was tossed into the Bing translator. Thus I would considering it full, but full as in machine translated full . Yes , there ARE some stuff let that is not translated so you will have to use TA for that.

I'll come back to this at a later date and update the partial to include any new bug fixes and content, like 1.10 which added some.

Now, keep in mind that is no need to use the Bing Translation if you want to. Is just there as a option for those that want it.
And been getting some positive but mostly negative response to this, so is mostly probably just a 1 time thing.

Again, like i said, the option is there for you to use it, TA will work just fine for whatever translator you use, Google or Bing etc.

But @blubi if you and others don't consider this a full i can remove the complete full tag.
Jan 12, 2012
Is this a bug from the 1.09 version or from scenario? Locked in dormitory with just attend school choice > walk of shame > stuck at one person with the text bubble not disappearing and can't change location...
It's from the Scenario, there's a couple of characters missing on line 1138200, it should be "Wow, the Temple of God......\\|\\^" (missing in red)
But I cannot enter the Gallery after clearing it, as it cannot find several pictures in www/ero/saya1.png and so on

Edit: copying the files for 01_* to saya1 and so on did do the trick for me
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