Adele Clay (Logos)


Nov 10, 2008
Adele woke to the sensation of falling over. Barely managing to catch herself from hitting the floor, she shakily stood, turning around to see what had pushed her. Instead she saw some kind of strange machine, something that looked like a stasis unit out of some Sci-Fi movie. Next she was taking in the surroundings of the room, or building she was in.

The place was small, only about thirty feet across in any direction and made apparently into the ground, for there were no windows, and only one door on the opposite side of the place from her. Before she could go for the door though, some kind of hidden speaker system activated, and a strange voice filled the room. What it said might give her pause for concern quickly.

"Ah, you're awake I see. Good good. Welcome to the Planet of Pleasure Adele. You have been brought here for both entertainment, and other reasons which I'm sure you will find out about soon enough. What kind of entertainment you might ask? The fun kind of course. The object of the game you are about to play is to try and survive for as long as you can. If you get caught by one of my minions, well Adele ... Let's just say you'll discover how fun it can be to have sex with us. That's the game right there, try to survive without being raped or broken by sexy fun times, and you might just make it to where I am, and have a chance to earn your trip back home. Sounds like so much fun getting raped by demons doesn't it? Ah, but I'm not without a heart completely. I know you're kind are far too weak to physically fight a demon off with your bare hands, and your flesh and body far too vulnerable to the pleasures of the flesh that sex brings. So I have gifted you with some interesting abilities, all you will need to do is think about them and everything you'll need to know on how to use them, and what they do will be in your mind, ready to use. Do try not to get broken quickly though my love, I want to enjoy you for a while. Now, off you go out that door which will now open for you. Oh, and don't think you can hide in there forever Adele, eventually if you haven't come out, I will know, and I'll send some of my friends to get you."

The speakers suddenly clicked off, and the door she had seen earlier suddenly swung open! She was left with a choice that wasn't truly a choice, even as she felt a warm breeze filter down a stairwell that was out in front of the door.

Of course feeling that breeze was when she realized that she was completely naked too!


1: Head out and hope you can survive.

2: Try calling his bluff and wait until something or someone shows up.


Demon Girl
Feb 4, 2015
Re: Adele Clay (Logos)


... what was in that stew last night? Certainly nothing that would cause this.

Sitting up, Adele considered her situation with some care. This 'Planet of Pleasure' was nothing she had heard of before... well, first priority was getting away from what she was pretty sure was an unsafe area, then she'd see about figuring out more.

As the wind from opening the door made Adele aware of her lag of clothing, she sighed. "Good grief, whatever prankster is behind this one isn't going to half measures."


Nov 10, 2008
Re: Adele Clay (Logos)

Character Name: Adele Clay

Character Race: Human

Character Class: Sorceress

Starting Stats:

Starting HP: 20
Starting Mana: 180
Starting Sexual Stamina: 85

0/50,000 KP


Elemental Shot - This spell hits for 200 elemental damage if it hits. Mana Cost - 0. Choice of Fire, Lightning or Cold. Magical Attack.

Energy Blast - This spell deals shadow damage, and hits for 250 Damage. Mana Cost - 0. Shadow damage has no immunity and cannot be reduced. This spell can't crit hit. Magical Attack.

Elemental Punishment - This spell hits for 300 elemental damage. Mana Cost - 50. Choice of Fire, Lightning or Cold. Magical Attack.

Elemental Annihilation - This spell hits for 400 elemental damage. Mana Cost - 100. Choice of Fire, Lightning or Cold. Magical Attack.

Class Specific Skills:

Deflection Shield - This shield allows the Sorceress to block 75% of incoming sexual pleasure suffered when she is raped. The shield will continue to protect her until it has absorbed a total of 800 pleasure. Once it fails, the Sorceress will need to get free from grapples for a full turn of combat before the shield can be re-applied. It gains 40 points of extra blocking power per character level.

Staying Frosty - When the Sorceress is raped to an orgasm, she has a small chance (10%) of unleashing a frigid blast of energy onto her rapist, causing it to suffer cold damage. She will deal 400 cold damage to her rapist, and cause it to be unable to move for a turn. However, if her attacker was immune to cold damage, or a boss monster she's in for a hot surprise.

Class Specific Weaknesses: +5 Pleasure when given a Blowjob by any Succubus.

Deciding it was better to move on than be ambushed in a place her attacker probably knew like the back of his hand, Adele moved on. First out the door, then up a flight of stairs that had to go at least 50 to 100 feet up, and finally out into an open area. What she saw as she stepped out into the open field was nothing short of breath taking, and perhaps a little fear would creep into her once again.

The grass at her feet was a solid red, like the color of blood, as if someone had stained the entire place with blood as far as the eye could see. There were trees off in the distance, but they were too far away to truly make out. Her eyes would wander up to the sky, hoping to pinpoint compass directions off where the sun currently was, and when she did, she got her second major shock of the day.

The sky abover her was not blue like she'd be expecting, but rather an almost orange color, with a few fluffy looking pink clouds hanging in the sky. What took the cake though even more so than the sky was what she could see in the heavens above. Thirteen moons of various sizes were visible in the sky to her, some faint, some brighter than others, but all clearly visible to her. A sudden stray thought of alarm might shoot through her mind as it only numbly registered that this couldn't be Earth. Was this some kind of odd hallucination, some kind of CGI effects on some stage of massive proportions, or was she truly no longer on Earth? The sound of water would snap her out of her thoughts, and she looked down and out, perhaps jumping back in surprise as she realized she was near the edge of a cliff overlooking a massive sparkling green ocean. The water seemed to be completely clean, not polluted like some of Earth's oceans had been getting the last time she'd looked, and what was that?

Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement well off into the distance, perhaps a mile or more out to sea. Looking over at it with her full attention, she saw a massive creature that looked like a Giant Squid partially surface, it's huge eye visible. Also visible were a few of it's enormous tentacles, each one probably twenty feet or so in length at least. Fortunately it seemed the thing couldn't get to her, or wasn't interested in trying, and soon enough it vanished back beneath the water. It was then she became aware that she wasn't alone...

A stunningly beautiful black haired woman had suddenly appeared next to her, regarding her for a moment, and probably nearly scaring her to death. Before she could react or say anything though, the new woman opened her mouth and spoke to her.

"Greetings friend. My name is Cassidy. My duty is to try and guide you through here as best as I can, in the hopes you can survive and put an end to all of this. Be warned though, you wil encounter many creatures the likes of which you have never seen in your life before, and every last one of them has the same thing in mind. They seek only to rape and corrupt you, to both defeat and destroy you with sexual pleasure. Please, try not to let that happen, and if possible, don't even let them touch you. I'm afraid I am limited in how I can help you, providing only information and general direction pointing to get you started. Where possible, I will appear to you again and help wherever possible, but know that I am unable to help fight alongside you, though I truly wish I could. Please ... take care of yourself, and anyone you may encounter who hasn't succumbed to this dreadful place. Good Luck friend, I hope to see you again soon."

As the woman spoke, Adele would get the impression that the woman wasn't actually flesh and blood, that she was something else, for she could almost see through her. This was punctuated when the woman gestured in a direction for Adele to travel, and then simply faded from existence before her eyes, as if she had never actually been there!


1: Travel in the indicated direction.

2: Go another direction.

3: Stay put and try to process everything you've seen (chance to be caught)